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Michael COYNE

1945 Australia

7 works

A martyrs’ fountain in the centre of Mashad bubbles with red-dyed water - a symbol of the blood of the martyrs. Behind the fountain photographs of local martyrs form a shrine Michael COYNE A crowd reported to be 750,000 strong gather in Freedom Square, central Tehran, screaming, "Down with Israel! Down with Russia! Down with Iraq! Down with the U.S.A.!" Michael COYNE Iranian soldiers bearing German G-3 rifles goose-step through Tehran during a parade commemorating the anniversary of the day Ayatollah Khomeini took power Michael COYNE A Kurdish shepherd hugs his fourteen year old blind son who had stepped on an Iranian mine. The father, who sold most of his property to bring his son to Tehran, offered his eyes but the boy was too badly injured for a transplant Michael COYNE An elderly woman screams her devotion to Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution at a demonstration in central Tehran. Iran’s mullah’s, Shiite Muslim clerics, encouraged such demonstrations to keep up the fervour of the Revolution Michael COYNE Like an anonymous dark shadow, a well covered Indian woman passes a mural on the wall of a building in Tehran. The mural shows a child mourning a man who was killed while fighting in the Iran/Iraq war Michael COYNE A rehabilitation centre in Tehran which was well stocked with braces and artifical limbs for maimed soldiers returning from the Iran/Iraq wars. This centre was a mansion belonging to one of the Shah’s generals. His paintings were torn from their frames and replaced with Khomeini and a Shiite love poem Michael COYNE