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08 June 1904 Auburn, Melbourne, Victoria
03 November 1982

241 works

Preliminary drawing for Margo in Spring Eric THAKE Bookplate: H. B. Muir (A sailor tipping Bligh's hat off, a Tahitian girl ready to tear his eyes out and the cause of the whole trouble, a lefa of the breadfruit being trampled under-foot) Eric THAKE TV drawing: (Regal figures) Eric THAKE Bookplate: Eric Thake (Initial E. T. forming coconut tree design) Eric THAKE Bookplate: Mabel G. Flanley Eric THAKE TV drawing: Anne Bolyne; Master Kingston; (Regal figures) Eric THAKE TV drawing: Kinkajou; bush baby; (native animals) Eric THAKE Bookplate: Eric Thake (Initials E.A.T. forming padlock design) Eric THAKE Sketchbook - Caulfield, Ormond Eric THAKE TV drawing: Sir Somebody or other of the R.A.A.F. Eric THAKE Bookplate: Alexander Robert Turnbull (Medieval monk at writing desk) Eric THAKE Bookplate: Dorothy Dennett (Geometric bird design) Eric THAKE TV drawing: Eine Kleine Eric THAKE TV drawing: Lord Louis; Victor Borge; goodbye; (profile with bow tie); (violinist) Eric THAKE Bookplate: Alison Uther Boyes (Welsh dragon) Eric THAKE Sketchbook - Budgerigars Eric THAKE Bookplate: R. McCowan Russell (Ship sailing in rough sea) Eric THAKE Sketchbook - Ballarat City Fire Brigade, Emu Eggs and silver tree-fern trophies Eric THAKE Bookplate: B. R. Richardson (View of Pyramid Hill across the plains) Eric THAKE Sketchbook - Wharves Eric THAKE Bookplate: Clive Stephen Eric THAKE Bookplate: John Gartner (Bower bird with books in nest) Eric THAKE Sketchbook - Flinders Ranges Eric THAKE Sketchbook - Queensland, aerial drawings Eric THAKE Bookplate: Richard Annois (Male figure in architectural setting with columns made up of barrister's wig, beer bottle and law book) Eric THAKE Sketchbook - West Australia, Wiluna Eric THAKE Bookplate: E. L. Thompson (Mermaid holding sail boat) Eric THAKE Bookplate: T. R. Campbell (Sheaf of barley) Eric THAKE Sketchbook - sheep shearing Eric THAKE Bookplate: Jean Daley Eric THAKE
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