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05 August 1928 Gardenvale, Melbourne, Victoria
25 October 2010

15 works

Women of the west - Smithville N.S.W. Jeff CARTER Clan gathering, Wangaratta Jeff CARTER Saturday arvo - Tibooburra Jeff CARTER Saturday arvo - Redfern Jeff CARTER Saturday arvo in Ultimo Jeff CARTER Freshly picked hops arriving via a conveyor belt on the 3rd. floor of a drying kiln. Bags are emptied immediately onto wire-mesh floors above rising current of hot air. Jeff CARTER Victor Ray Smith (left) and brother John, from Kempsey, NSW. "It's our first and last year", they chorused. "Not enough money". Jeff CARTER At night in the miniature town at Rostrevor. Pickers read by electric light, which is connected to most huts. Hot showers are available 24 hours a day. Jeff CARTER Members of the bush band that entertains hop pickers at dance are versatile. Here trumpet player doubles on drums. Jeff CARTER A song around the campfire...only there's no wood left Jeff CARTER No title (Woman with a teapot talking to man and woman) Jeff CARTER William Thomas Panlook, now 78, married his wife Kit when he was 42. They have 7 daughters, 1 son. Jeff CARTER Mr and Mrs B. Bradbrook (left) from Melbourne, have been coming to Rostrevor for 17 years. They make £7 daily between them. Here they enjoy lunch with veteran picker Frank Tyrell, who has been coming for 40 years to Rostrevor. Jeff CARTER Hop pickers at Rostrevor hop garden in Victoria's picturesque Ovens Valley. Jeff CARTER Alfred Law is from London. He used to pick hops with his wife and daughter in Kent. This was their second year at Rostrevor together. Jeff CARTER