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08 June 1931 Sydney, New South Wales
worked throughout Europe 1958–67

25 works

Homage to Lawrence Hargrave Kerry DUNDAS Matchstick plantation on the MacDonnell Kerry DUNDAS Assembling crowd of CND supporters in London's Trafalgar Square, April 28-29th, 1961 Kerry DUNDAS First (?) Committee of 100 demonstration, Whitehall, April 29th 1961 Kerry DUNDAS A girl is carried away under arrest Kerry DUNDAS An Australian contingent on the Aldermaston march, a walk of some 50 miles, Easter 1962 Kerry DUNDAS Another sit down demonstrator is lifted away by police Kerry DUNDAS Thousands sat down in central London Kerry DUNDAS Reverend Michael Scott urges a packed Trafalgar Square to sit on the streets of central London Kerry DUNDAS The late Bertrand Russell who led the civil disobedience movement Kerry DUNDAS No title (Man with bare feet) Kerry DUNDAS The leaders of the 1962 Easter Aldermaston to London march, one of whom was Prof. Ritchie Calder, a nuclear physicist Kerry DUNDAS Canon Collins, Dean of St Paul's, London, conducts a service before the march in Falcon Field, Aldermaston, Easter 1962 Kerry DUNDAS Two Japanese survivors of Hiroshima prepare to speak through an interpreter, Hyde Park, London Kerry DUNDAS Encouragement for Lady Russell from her husband and supporters of the Committee of 100 Kerry DUNDAS A gathering crowd of CND supporters in London's Trafalgar Square, April 28-29th, 1961 Kerry DUNDAS A night time rally as a crowd gathers on the steps of St Martin's-in-the-Field, Trafalgar Square Kerry DUNDAS Flower Power, London Kerry DUNDAS In the Suez Canal Kerry DUNDAS For you know what sailors are Kerry DUNDAS No title (Stove) Kerry DUNDAS Australia Square Kerry DUNDAS A fragment of the Athenian Acropolis Kerry DUNDAS Doorway of an eighteenth century house Kerry DUNDAS Argentine square-rigger Libertad leaving Sydney Kerry DUNDAS