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Stamp post cards 1980 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Xerox book VARIOUS ARTISTS March 1–31 1969 VARIOUS ARTISTS July 1969 VARIOUS ARTISTS No title (The Buchan group) album VARIOUS ARTISTS; Wolfgang SIEVERS; Mark STRIZIC; J. C. YOUNG & RICHARDSON; ADRIAN CROTHERS PTY LTD; UNKNOWN No title (The Buchan group) album VARIOUS ARTISTS; BEAVER PHOTOGRAPHIC; Max DUPAIN; Les GORRIE; Robert POCKLEY; UNKNOWN; J. C. YOUNG & RICHARDSON No title (The Buchan group) album VARIOUS ARTISTS; Adrian BODDINGTON; Roy DUNSTON; Max DUPAIN; Helmut NEWTON; Robert POCKLEY; F. RUSIC; Wolfgang SIEVERS; UNKNOWN; UNKNOWN (B. L. B.) July, August, September 1969 VARIOUS ARTISTS; Seth SIEGELAUB (editor) 1¢ Life VARIOUS ARTISTS; Walasse TING (author); Sam FRANCIS (editor) Album of portrait engravings (Collins album) VARIOUS ARTISTS; UNKNOWN (compiler) No title (Stephen Thompson album) VARIOUS ARTISTS; Stephen THOMPSON; Henry PEACH ROBINSON; Francis BEDFORD; Valentine BLANCHARD; W. J. C. MOENS; UNKNOWN No title (Photographs of Victoria) VARIOUS ARTISTS; Nicholas CAIRE; UNKNOWN Photographs of New South Wales, Sydney and Newcastle Railway Line VARIOUS ARTISTS; UNKNOWN No title (Chuck family album), cartes-de-visite, cabinet prints VARIOUS ARTISTS; T. F. CHUCK & SON; TUTTLE & CO., Australia; UNKNOWN; G. W. WILSON & CO No title (Mrs V Donaldson’s family album), cartes-de-visite VARIOUS ARTISTS; UNKNOWN No title (Family album), cabinet prints VARIOUS ARTISTS; AUSTRAL STUDIOS; Rowland CHUBB; J. D. PEIRCE; UNKNOWN Circular #2 VARIOUS ARTISTS Circular #1 VARIOUS ARTISTS Circular #3 VARIOUS ARTISTS The caboose VARIOUS ARTISTS; Stephen BRAM; Eugene CARCHESIO; Bronwyn CLARK-COOLEE; Diena GEORGETTI; Melinda HARPER; Rose NOLAN; Kerrie POLINESS; Gary WILSON Courts and jesters VARIOUS ARTISTS; Janet BURCHILL; A. D. S. DONALDSON; Dale FRANK; Matthys GERBER; Jeff GIBSON; Geoff KLEEM; John YOUNG Art in process IV VARIOUS ARTISTS Seven photomicrographs VARIOUS ARTISTS Formulation VARIOUS ARTISTS; Alighiero BOETTI; Stanley BROUWN; Daniel BUREN; Hanne DARBOVEN; Jan DIBBETS; Hamish FULTON; Giulio PAOLINE; Giuseppe PENONE; SALVO No title (Blandowski album) VARIOUS ARTISTS; William BLANDOWSKI; Richard DAINTREE; Antoine FAUCHERY; UNKNOWN