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Eight stones with steel neckpiece Margaret WEST Object Margaret WEST Effigy stool Bamileke people, Cameroon, West Central Africa Mmo society burial mask Ibo people, Nigeria, West Africa Dying storm over the sea west of Australia. Taken by Apollo 11 on way to first lunar landing NASA, Washington, D.C. (manufacturer) Custom House. Flinders St. West J. W. LINDT West Africa Peter PURVES SMITH Collins Street, west Fritz KRICHELDORFF (attributed to) Standing male figure Nayarit, West Mexico Standing female figure Nayarit, West Mexico Bushfire Dreaming at Warlukurlangu Bobby West Tjupurrula Kneeling woman Ameca, Jalisco, West Mexico Kakame figure Morovi Untitled Bobby West Tjupurrula First Annual International Exhibition, London. 34. View in west corridor, stereograph LONDON STEREOSCOPIC CO., London (manufacturer) Second Annual International Exhibition, London. 8. View in west side gallery, cabinet print William ENGLAND Travels of Tingarri men from the west Frank Ward Tjupurrula Untitled Bobby West Tjupurrula That sad and pensive face Eric THAKE Tingarri Dreaming west of Yumari Martin Tjampitjinpa View of Ballarat, looking west, from Victoria Street Fred KRUGER West End Fields, Hampstead, noon John CONSTABLE Tingarri men at the rockhole site of Yunala Bobby West Tjupurrula Cylinder bowl Nayarit, West Mexico Ball player Ameca, Jalisco, West Mexico Kneeling woman Ameca, Jalisco, West Mexico Seated man with bowl Ameca, Jalisco, West Mexico S-class diesel West Coast Railway Chris MASON Su Shi's water melody DING Yanyong Li Bai writing in an inebriated state FU Xiaoshi